Hikes and Handstands

Its a funny thing when you put something, anything, out there with no real plan.  Just say, “hey we should go and try/do something”.  Of course when I mentioned this go round to Mr. Sean it was probably in the photo shoot sense, but that is what the man is good at.  So with that in mind, for me it would be a way to share the avenue I try and inspire with, fitness, all while getting a glimpse into the arena he values, photography.  So was born the “hey lets hike Half Dome!!!”   My response was of course “ok, just tell me when”.

Now, over the years I have done two hikes towards “The Dome”, once when young with family and then again around the end of high school.  Both were just to take an outdoor adventure and see some nature.  Never past either of the lower falls, nor neither of which I can truly recall, and especially not for testing some kind of fitness.  I was young and always on the go in sports and lifting so they seemed easy enough.  Of course they only totaled half of what this adventure would in mileage.

Well, the plan now had a timeline and all we could do was sit back and wonder as we went along with our daily lives.  Work, family and our hobbies.  As the time got closer a few other details fell into place and all of the sudden it was upon us.  Time to hop in the car and head out.  Easy enough, drive some hours, eat and drink, take some photos.  Well that was the trip up.  Anticipating the wake up call was looming, but this is what we do.  We hone our skills so that when action calls its a “walk in the park” as they say.   Morning came, we got ourselves geared up, not really, very basic essentials of water and snacks and headed on our way.   Hmmmmm, I wonder what 20 miles in a day with quit a bit of elevation change will feel like.  Well that thought went away quickly as we just went.

Lots of sites, lots of steps, lots of “wow” and then the occasional “this is far”.  Haha.  Of course knowing this to be a bucket list item we would never say anything but “we’re almost there I’m sure.”  After about 6 hours we hit that view.  Seeing sub-dome, as they call it, was welcomed and after a short break up we went, shortly hitting the base of Half-Dome.  Quit a site. Yes it definitely looks a little daunting, steep with cables, but that’s what we came for.  So up we go!!

Once on top there was really no way to express as it is humbling to say the least.  One in a million view, yes, but the on top of the world feeling along with the silence and magnitude of things that have taken so long, with such a slow moving trail, always producing through persistence without expectation is mind blowing.  Definitely leaves me pondering a whole lot of the daily “grind” as they call it.

Some photos, some meeting interesting people on their own mission, sitting on the edge of a giant, along with a handstand and well it was enough to give a whole new meaning to just about everything in this life.  Sound a little anit-climactic for all the build up?  Believe me the take away for those who have had, or will have the opportunity, there are very few, very few, words that can take the place of the personal senses in the moment of the  experience that can deliver the true take away.

Thanks to Sean for the suggested adventure, photos and check that one off the list.  Well for now at least, maybe another trip up someday 🙂






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